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It's no secret that I <3 magical girls! It's crazy to believe that this is my collection now, I remember a time when buying things online wasn't an option for me, and I just admired a lot of this from afar (I still do xD). I have a Tumblr post here discussing how to buy magical girl toys, but I might make a thorough page about it here someday, idk.

I will add more pics/demos later! The formatting isn't the best rn but I'll clean it up more once I have everything ^^

My collection on display! It looks better in person, I promise xD

Doremi/Majominarai Tap (??)

My first transformation item! I got this on Amazon of all places for $25 new in box! I have the American dub version, but that was the version I wanted :P I liked the transformation theme more in the dub than the original (that might be blasphemous idk lmfao xDD). I used to try to learn songs on it too~

Peperuto Pollon  Puwapuwa/Poppun Pollon

A very generous friend gifted this to me, since she had found a set in better condition. The Peperuto Pollon does work, but the sound is a bit distorted. These wands are in rough shape, but who can argue with free rare wands? :P

Kururu Pollon

My very first magical girl item! This is the wand to top all wands for me. It was my first favorite wand, and probably my favorite wand ever considering the sentimental value. I love the design and how it translated so well into merchandise, and how the functionality is hidden cleverly in the design. It's not so obviously "press this button here to do this", like a lot of wands are. That's something I appreciate a lot, how accurate and immersive the mechanisms are. I have the Italian version, and I got it on eBay for $179.

Parara Tap

I really thought I'd never find any more good deals on Ojamajo items. But then this showed up on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for like... 3000 yen? 5000 yen? or something? It was some wild auction deal that I was shocked I actually won. New in the box, too. Something I did a lot was do the transformation clap-thing for this, and so it's cool to like, actually have the item now. ^^

Sweet Pollon

Another wild find! Someone on eBay found this in a warehouse or something, so I got a new in box wand!

>Banpresto Super DX Patisserie Doremi plush
>Banpresto small Royal Patraine Doremi plush
>ThankYouMart pin set (I lost the Aiko/Hazuki one oof)
>ThankYouMart Doremi drawstring bag
>Carnival Pencil Board
>ToshinPack Doremi and Onpu socks
>Motto! Doremi Witch Apprentice costume

I found this Aiko Qposket retail!! Changed my life tbh xD


I found these Card Commune cards on Mandarake. I hope to own one someday, but they're so expensive Dx I also found the shikishi board there too.

Smile Pact

Another very good deal. I found this on eBay new in box for $25!! With FREE SHIPPING!!

Princess Candle

My mom got me this for Christmas one year. I was very proud of her, buying something weeby online xD My favorite part of this wand is definitely the part at the end of the main attack, Precure Rainbow Burst, where you blow out the candle!! It's very silly but... It gets me every time :P

Ultra Decor

Got this from Mandarake. I like how the "modes" of this item change when the pin on the back is pushed in when you put it into the Smile Pact. Really smart!

Miracle Tsubasa Puff

Found on Yahoo! Japan Auctions I think. This one was harder to find. I love the wireless-ness of this item (? xD).

Cure Decor Collection

I don't plan on having a full set or anything, thankfully xD The hardest part of this was getting the display box, people rlly don't sell them for some reason!

PrettyChange Mirror

Got this on Mandarake! I really should have gotten the DX version with the PrettyChange Mirror Carry, that thing is nearly impossible to find Dx HoneyPlus wasn't worth it lmaoo

Love PreBrace

Found this on YJA. I love wearable magical girl items! I love the inclusion of Cure Lovely/Princess' sub-attacks, too. My favorite is definitely Princess Bullet Machine Gun xD Her most effective attack lol

Fortune Tambourine

I found this on YJA for literally 500 yen new in box. That's crazy!! Again I love the wireless-ness of this one, it adds immersion and stuff. I just wish the ring size was a bit more flexible so I could wear it on the proper finger oof :\

PreCard File/Collection


>Precure All Stars clear poster
>Precure All Stars scrunchie

Princess Perfume

Found this on Mandarake for 3000 yen. It was bundled with the golden dress up key and Twilight's key, which at the time were selling for a lot if you could even find a listing.

Crystal Princess Rod

Probably my second favorite magical girl wand!! I love the immersion and the accuracy to the show. And the details, omg!! Go!Pri definitely has one of the best Precure merch aesthetics.

Music Princess Palace

Found on Mandarake for like, 2500 yen new in box. It makes a cool display for dress up keys! I just wish it didn't default to being so loud though xD (thank goodness for precure volume settings!)

Dress Up Key Collection

Having a complete Dress Up Key collection was... the worstâ„¢ xD I don't even know if I can pick which key was the hardest to track down, because they were all difficult for the most part. Surprisingly, Cure Twinkle and Mermaid's transformation keys were some of the most difficult, I have no idea why. If you ever wanna get a Princess Perfume, please get the DX versio, that includes them because... It was not worth it xD Also, finding that Miracle Phoenix key was rough... I know I made it hard because I didn't wanna get a Scarlet Violin, but still. And if you want the [Precure All Stars] Primavera key, jump on the first listing you find if you can at this point. (also, for some reason, the paint on the hearts was always scratched off when I went looking for this thing? I don't understand, man...) AND, seriously jump on the first listing you can find  for the Miracle Dress Up Key set if you can find one. They were the last keys I had to find, and it was so difficult for no reason? Especially since they're main items?? I don't get it :/


I got this cool uchiwa randomly on Rakuten!

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