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I've been interested in lolita fashion since 2014, and was finally able to start collecting in 2019. Growing up I had always wanted more from clothes. Even though I do like some normie/more casual stuff (mcr tees haha), I still wished there was something out there that really fit the frilly and pink style I love so much. Finding lolita fashion (specifically Angelic Pretty and BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT) was incredibly validating; it was everything I could have wanted and more in clothes. Considering how isolating it was to seemingly be the only one who sought this type of aesthetic, it was absolutely incredible to discover that there was an entire international community who liked the same things I did! As sappy as it sounds, it feels wonderful to finally wear clothes that I wholeheartedly love and feel confident wearing. There's a lot of sentimental value in lolita for me, and I hope to have the wardrobe of my dreams someday~

Powder Rose Skirt

This was my very first piece of lolita clothing! Powder Rose was one of my dream prints, so I was so happy to finally own a print that I had admired for so long.

Space Lollipop JSK + Headbow

Whip Factory Salopette

Wrapping Heart Salopette

Royal Pretty Jacket

Heart Lace Button Embroidered Blouse

Soft Frill Blouse

Short Sleeve Waist Shirring Blouse

Trump Ballerina Shoes OTKS | ??? BTSSB High Socks | BABY Rose High Socks

Wrapping Heart Tights

Lace Heart Charm Feather Ribbon Headbow

Heart Tulle Ribbon Barette

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