UPDATE 7/20/2021

Fixed images not loading properly on the magical girl collection page.

Also, today is my DeviantART birthday! I've had my account for 10 years! :O

UPDATE 7/17/2021

Added to my Magical Girl Collection page! I added "to top" buttons to long pages too.
Anchors sure are cool xD

UPDATE 6/10/2021

Added to my lolita wardrobe. I finally own Wrapping Heart in lavender!! ^o^

UPDATE 5/17/2021

Started working on collections page! Absuing the priviledge of absolute image alignment xD

UPDATE 5/15/2021

Added Vomit Boy to Friends page!

Also updated my lolita wardrobe. Added pics!

UPDATE 4/29/2021

Started working on the Friends page! I'm showcasing sites and any other work they've got there. I feel like this side of the internet can be kinda fragmented, so I wanna share as much cool stuff as I can~ ^^

So far I'm featuring Abby and Alice!

UPDATE 4/16/2021

Added a sticker for aliceinavocadoland! You can see it in the Friends' Stickers section. I'll also add more info on the friends page once I get to working on it. She's got a lot of cool stuff ^^

also mcr delayed their tour dates today im very sad ToT

UPDATE 4/13/2021
I now have a sticker! You can see it under my About Me section on the homepage, along with a textarea with the embed code.

The jfashion page is also up! It's not completely done, but the dream dresses section is finished for now.

UPDATE 4/12/2021
The site was created today! Very rough, but I'm working on it :P It's also Melba's birthday today! She's one of my favorite villagers in Animal Crossing ^^

Thank you for visiting!