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Added more pics to my lolita wardrobe page. I really am too lazy to take a pic of those DearMyLove shoes XD

Finally updated my magical girl collection page. I switched to the navigation being for an iframe instead of one continuous page since the size of the HappinessCharge gifs would break some of the other images and prevent them from loading. Will update images soon!

I found out that 123Guestbook is back online, so I'm switching back to it ^^ my one (1) comment lives! xD

Totally updated my wardrobe page! I realized how annoying it was gonna be trying to keep everything organized as I added more things and I figured I should do something about it now. I'll add the rest of the pics soon lol

Fixed some stuff on the music page.
Added Nuange's sticker!

Added an Outfits page! (this is not the html project I talked abt on fp stream)
Added my music collection page! (also not the html project)
Added Alice's youtube to the friends page.
Updated... updates xD update appearances anyway. they got kinda boring all looking the same.

Today is my birthday!!

I got a new guestbook! 123guestbook has been down for weeks, so I had to :/ Unfortunately I can't have it in a frame on one of my pages, so it'll have to link offsite for now. rip my one message i had in my old one, i'll miss it dearly -_- xD

Finally stopped being lazy and added the Wrapping Heart salopette pic to my wardrobe. Also made image files smaller~

Fixed images not loading properly on the magical girl collection page.

Also, today is my DeviantART birthday! I've had my account for 10 years! :O

Added to my Magical Girl Collection page! I added "to top" buttons to long pages too.
Anchors sure are cool xD

Added to my lolita wardrobe. I finally own Wrapping Heart in lavender!! ^o^

Started working on collections page! Absuing the priviledge of absolute image alignment xD

Added Vomit Boy to Friends page!

Also updated my lolita wardrobe. Added pics!

Started working on the Friends page! I'm showcasing sites and any other work they've got there. I feel like this side of the internet can be kinda fragmented, so I wanna share as much cool stuff as I can~ ^^

So far I'm featuring Abby and Alice!

Added a sticker for aliceinavocadoland! You can see it in the Friends' Stickers section. I'll also add more info on the friends page once I get to working on it. She's got a lot of cool stuff ^^

also mcr delayed their tour dates today im very sad ToT

I now have a sticker! You can see it under my About Me section on the homepage, along with a textarea with the embed code.

The jfashion page is also up! It's not completely done, but the dream dresses section is finished for now.

The site was created today! Very rough, but I'm working on it :P
It's also Melba's birthday today! She's one of my favorite villagers in Animal Crossing ^^