hey hey :P Welcome to my site! I post cool stuff I like here ^^ This column is for updates for the site and my blog on FriendProject! This site's still a huge work in progress so check back for my dork updates xD

UPDATE 1/21/2022

Happy New Year? xD Added to outfits and updated small things for the collections pages. I hadn't looked at this site in forever since I didn't have my laptop for weeks and when I came back I noticed all of these small things I wanted to fix ^^; I still have so much I wanna do on here lol omg... Like favicons and stuff :O lowkey makes me wanna upgrade to supporter so I can publish directly instead of copying each page's html in one by one Dx

UPDATE 11/3/2021

New blog post: rando thoughts halo thoughts

UPDATE 11/26/2021

Added more pics to my lolita wardrobe page. I really am too lazy to take a pic of those DearMyLove shoes XD

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