Hello! I'm Doremi, updating from Middle Of Nowhere, New York. I'm a sweet lolita who loves going to the library, playing videogames, and attempting to skate xD I love working on personal HTML projects like this, so I'm glad Neocities keeps that kind of thing alive nowadays!

You can read more about all of the things I like by using the marquee below. It saves a lot of space xD



Some pixels/backgrounds are from EngramPixel, a cool Tumblr blog that catalogues pixel art and old internet assets.

Javascript marquee by aamirafridi. Much better than just using the marquee tag :P

I use Microsoft Expression Web 4 to build my site. It's a free software that has design and code windows so you can see how everything will look without having to go back and forth a million times.

The font I use on my site is called S2Gらぶ!