Barbie Weekend~!
July 22nd, 2023 @ 7:15PM    
Mood: Happy ├
Listening To: My laptop's fans crying for help
Watching: Pixielocks vids :P
Eating: cheesy fries :D
Drinking: soda lol
Hey hey!!┌ Back at it again with another very pink post XD Barbie!!! Man!!! I feel like... so weirdly seen with the release of this movie? Everything is so pink and fun and up my alley... Never thought I'd see the day considering normies are so boring rip but I rly appreciate all of the love and excitement for it this summer... It's amazing ├

┛MusicIsDeath┗ and I went to see it yesterday and ofc dressed up for it╋ We got so many compliments, he's the best Ken to my Barbie~┐ He was so annoying for bringing Monster High dolls to it instead of a Barbie... man xD I have kinda mixed feelings about the movie, but overall I really enjoyed it :D It was very fun and colorful, and surprised me with some of the directions it went in. My main takeaway tho is that I rly wanna live in a Barbie dreamhouse ToT I already knew  that but seeing this movie rly got me lmao

Afterwards, he surprised me by getting me a movie doll! She's my fav of all the ones that have been released so far and has lived rent free in my mind since I first saw her xD He's really the best~┌

Speaking of Monster High tho... A while ago ┛MusicIsDeath┗ finally got some Skulltimate Secrets Fearidescent dolls, and he made a point of getting Draculaura because she's as close as I'll ever get to owning a MH doll xD And he's rly wanted me to get one for like, ever xP I am still on the fence about her, but she's very fun to style and pose :P I am very much like 'I need to 110% love something if I'm gonna spend money on it' which I can def see why that might be weird on the outside... but idk I don't have money like that not to xD He said he'd take her if I didn't like her but... eh xP


Thx for reading :P As u can see I have found the special characters this font has xD Can't believe I would've used this font for like ever and not have known if I didn't find them on accident xD insane lmaoo ┃