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June 4th, 2023 @ 4:00PM    
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Hey hey!! Yesterday I had an amazing day out with my-friend-who-likes-mh! Last week was pretty hard for me so I really needed some good quality time doing things I love ^^ First thing's first tho: I finally have a name for him!! He told me I could use his PopJustice username musicisdeath, or MID for short (which is a very appropriate acronym for him... XDD) So that's what I'll be using from now on! :P Okay, now on to the actual blog:

I got to wear SUGARY CARNIVAL!!!
This dress is the dress of all dresses already, I know... But man it feels like such a dream  wearing it! It's one of the first dresses I saw when I was just learning about lolita ten years ago, and I've admired it ever since. It's just so unreal... I'll never get over it lol xD musicisdeath wanted to match, so I gave him some of my clothes to wear since... He's uncultured and doesn't have any pink clothes?? Could you imagine that? I can't even >_> We got lots of compliments which was cool, I even ran into another lolita (not in a coord, but they're working on it lol)! Detail shots here because... I can't get enough of it >o<

We went to a few stores, but most notably bath and body works~ I've been meaning to get there for a while since they released all of those new gingham scents... I got a bunch of gingham gorgeous ofc, surprise to no one XD I'm glad I like the scent ^^ The diamond shimmer mist omg... I love glitter :D I'm glad everything was on sale + I had a gift card... I don't get out there much bc they're normally so expensive >_<||| We also went to Target looking for dolls, and I got him one but they didn't have any of the Barbie movie dolls :/ ig they're online exclusives rn? Which sucks D: I def gotta get the Perfect Day one... That gingham dress is amazing *o* I did find a 2-pack for Legally Blonde 1+2 tho... So yknow not a total loss xD Peak cinema fr~ I also found some good fabric squares at Joanns, where I live there's like... Nothing good Dx I wanna make some headbows soon to match some of the coords I'm planning~ :D And for dinner... we got pepperoni stuffed crust pizza~ *o* It's like, my all-time fav and I can't remember the last time I had it... It was so good ToT Eating the leftovers today just made me want more xD Hopefully soon lol

Thx for reading :P I finally got a mouse a while ago so I'll try to update more ^^ How I worked on this site with a trackpad for over a year is... Something I'll never understand Dx In the trenches frrrr XD

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