a better bday post :D
September 28th, 2022 @ 11:30PM    
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Hey hey! :D This past Sunday (9/25) was my birthday, and it was a good one! Things have been pretty stressful lately, with moving and my mystery balance issues trending worse... So going to my-friend-who-likes-mh's house to celebrate was a break I really appreciated ^_^

I'll start with fun stuff: he got me From Under The Cork Tree! :D I've been looking for the Black Clouds and Underdogs edition of this for forever and never got around to getting one. I always feel like I'm rly hard to buy gifts for... And that's probably because I know how picky I can be and particular I am when I get things for myself. But I'm clearly not giving my friends enough credit, they always get me the coolest stuff >u< Another friendo got me cool candy from Germany, and my bff, who always gets the best gifts, is planning on sending something when she gets the chance. Gift giving is one of my top love languages and with everything going on this really  means a lot to me. Especially since my bday has been overshadowed by bad stuff for the past couple years... >_<||| I really appreciated this year being different ^^ 

As I said earlier I spent time at my-friend-who-likes-mh's house to celebrate ^^ I originally wanted to go somewhere (probably the bookstore lets be real xD) and wear a coord (bc I legit don't remember the last time I dressed up... feelsbadman), but we ended up staying in and just... Hanging out doing whatever. And honestly? That was probably the right decision. I feel like I haven't genuinely relaxed in so long Dx And this was probably the last time we'll have time together like this for a while. As much as we don't rly do anything, simply spending time together means a lot to me. The past year has been really difficult for me (on top of living in a pandemic >_<), and I genuinely don't know what I'd be doing right now without him~ He's been so compassionate and generous, and always makes it a priority to make sure I'm doing okay. I could go on forever XD but I'm hoping things will look up soon. Even tho it's taking forever I am moving out, and I think I'll be doing better once everything goes back to normal after that.

Thx for reading as always :P I hope that by my next blog post, all of this will be behing me and have more energy to update things. And maybe I'll name my friends...? I've been thinking abt it for a while bc it is kind of annoying having to type around it lol

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