Pics of cool stuff :P

This Blossom plush backpack is lowkey impractical but it looks cool and thats what really matters xP

I <3 this cutsew with this jsk~

I put this outfit together so long ago and i've only worn it like twice >o<|||

Happy 20th Anniversary to Bullets!

Another outfit I planned a long time ago but never got to wear Dx

My first skateboard ^^ got it sent to musicisdeath's house and we rode through his dining room bc it was too cold to take it outside xD

Books musicisdeath got me for my bday

Made bow clips for myself and a friend :P

My bff and I's matching Build-A-Bears~! ^^ Her cat Sorbet and my bunny Haruka~

Matching friendship scrunchies I made for my bff and I!

bday gift I got for musicisdeath ^^