Major update to my Pony Collection page! Updated all previous pony pics and added pics for most of the ones that were missing.
Added shoes to my lolita wardrobe~

Added Zombieish to my Friend's List~!
Overhauled Updates page, organized by year!
Also, Happy International MCR Day!┐

NEW BLOG POST: Barbie Weekend~!

updated collections navigation! I'm working on a doll collection page... lots of work lol >o<|||

6/9/2023 (nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)):
updated music collection! musicisdeath gave me all his panic! CDs even the one i didnt want COUGH He had Pretty. Odd. even tho he's like... never really listened to it...? I'm glad he gave it to me he's such a poser and doesn't deserve it lmao

NEW BLOG POST: a great day :D
added to gallery
updated wardrobe + dream dresses!

NEW BLOG POST: retail therapy is my passion

NEW BLOG POST: Normie times
Added Vomit Boy's sticker!