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May 16th, 2023 @ 8:40PM    
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Hey hey!! I'm back to write a new blog post :P I've been inactive again... But I was busy trying not to die at my new job Dx it's gone mostly okay but I hope I can learn faster so I don't get in trouble or something lolrip

I had the pleasure of blowing my first paycheck which was awesome :D It feels kinda weird having money...? I've been a brokeboi my whole life so it felt kind of illegal to do xD Here's what I got:

I got these two Barbie dolls! Mariposa is one of my all-time favorites and this year's Birthday Wishes caught me by surprise when I saw her at Barnes and Noble :D

Mariposa my beloved~ I lost the one I had as a kid from moving around a hundred times, so I'm glad I have her again ^^ I am a SUCKER for gimmicks so her magic wings got me so bad as a kid... and still get me now XD She takes up a lot of space tho... I'll have to get her a nice stand or something :P

never had any Barbie fairy dolls as a kid, so when I folded in her wings to show him how it worked he CRINGED so hard XD He does rly like her doll tho. When we watched the movie together I was def more into it than he was... He thought it was okay compared to the other Fairytopias (which... I understand coming from someone uncultured like him lmfao). I def wanna get that light-up fiber optics Elina next, I loved her as a kid and she's kinda hard to find now D: But she's the Barbie doll ever so I will do it >o<

Birthday Wishes Barbie is like... An oasis in the middle of the desert XD I don't like a lot of modern barbies... idk they're just not my fasion taste and a lot of their makeup is boring? If they have any. And not that all barbies need to be Elina-tier, I just like girly pink barbie more than normie rando barbie :P But her!! I like her dress and idk the way she was displayed in her box caught my attention :P She's rly cool, but I wish her stand wasn't so weird??? It's like... curved to her legs in a specific position... I've never seen any others like it? wtf lmao. I can put Mariposa on it but... Just why <xD

I also got some curtains! This might sound weird but I've never had any cool curtains before... I've always wanted to have some with a nice valence, and now I do :D It's my first step towards my interior decorating dreams (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Once I finish more of my decorating/diy projects, I'll make a room tour blog post :D (dont look at those valence wrinkles they're NOT there XD)

I'm also so excited to work towards having a somewhat-princess themed room? Did u ever see those room inspo booklets in the paint section at home improvement stores? I loved looking through those and always wanted a princess themed room... I'm glad I can finally make 10-year-old me happy :P

Last but not least... A new pony!!! Avalonia is such a pretty pony, and I couldn't resist a butterfly bag :P (the mlp logo is a sticker and not printed on though... ehhh) The butterfly net and flower are magnetic, and the butterfly twirls up when you put her hoof to it :D And her burrerfly print hat is more detailed than I thought it'd be, and stays on her head without elastic (it snapped as soon as I took it off of her head... what can you do lol). And the butterfly jars!! So many little details... This little set encapsulates everything I love about G3 ^^

Starting in June, my-friend-who-likes-mh and I are gonna work on moving out! We have a budget and a plan (thanks to yours truly xD) and I'm so excited about it! :D It's been a long time coming and I'm glad we can finally work towards our goals~ ^^ After a lifetime of just... Weird living situations, I can finally work towards creating one that I can feel safe and comfortable in with someone I love and like... idk that's just really cool :P

Thanx for reading~ I'm planning on making a post for Summer ILD and trying to be more active in general, so I'll def be around! Hopefully everything will calm down soon so I can focus more on this stuff :P Until then~! <3

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