I moved out~!! :D
November 2nd, 2022 @ 6:00AM    
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Hey hey!!! The title says it all :D After two months of struggling to move my things one box at a time, I'm finally staying with my-friend-who-likes-mh! I genuinely believe he saved my life by letting me stay with him until we can get our own place. I don't plan on getting into it but life at home was always... strange and artificially difficult? Not sure how to describe it better than that. I have a lot of complicated feelings about it, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. It's been hard unlearning a lot of things, but I'm glad I have the opportunity. I'm once again incredibly grateful for him I've been here for about a month and I feel so much better physically and mentally ^^


While I was moving I didn't have the energy to do anything I enjoy (Or I had already packed whatever and sent it out). What I missed the most was wearing coords! We went to Target and I wore Space Lollipop~ :D I honestly forgot how good it feels to wear clothes I love (crazy, right? xD)~ Before I moved out I couldn't wear nice outfits very often bc circumstances. It's rly freeing to know I can wear whatever I want whenever I want :P I also got to wear this on a picnic! my-friend-who-likes-mh wanted to take me on one to properly listen to Red, since it was the perfect weather for it :P It was p magical ngl, I hope we'll be able to have many more ^^ I hope to one day have some kind of cool and matchy pastel picnic set xP bc ofc I do lmaoo


For Halloween (a.k.a. MCRib day xD) a friendo of ours invited us to her new place to be spooky :P my-friend-who-likes-mh had the idea for us to have matching Taylor Swift costumes bc... he's the biggest swiftie on the planet xD I didn't have any other ideas in mind soooo... why not xD He recreated her 22 mv outfit (the heart glasses one) and I was the "bad taylor" from the You Belong With Me mv. And yes, I ofc tracked down the exact skirt she's wearing xD It was kinda out of my comfort zone for what I would normally wear, but I think it turned out p well :D I only had abt a week to get everything so I'm glad it worked out! The skirt came in the mail literally the day-of ToT Even tho there's a lot of black in the skirt it's lowkey growing on me >o< Maybe I'll wear it fr sometime lol idk


Feels good to post again, life has been a lot lately. I have a long way to go from here, but hopefully I'll feel like posting more along the way xP I hope u had an awesome Halloween if u celebrate, pls share what u dressed up as if u want ^^ Thx for reading, as always~ :P

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