My first transformation item! I got this on Amazon of all places for $25 new in box! I have the American dub version, but that was the version I wanted :P I liked the transformation theme more in the dub than the original (that might be blasphemous idk lmfao xDD). I used to try to learn songs on it too~



A very generous friend gifted this to me, since she had found a set in better condition. The Peperuto Pollon does work, but the sound is a bit distorted. These wands are in rough shape, but who can argue with free rare wands? :P



My very first magical girl item! This is the wand to top all wands for me. It was my first favorite wand, and probably my favorite wand ever considering the sentimental value. I love the design and how it translated so well into merchandise, and how the functionality is hidden cleverly in the design. It's not so obviously "press this button here to do this", like a lot of wands are. That's something I appreciate a lot, how accurate and immersive the mechanisms are. I have the Italian version, and I got it on eBay for $179. Which nowadays seems like stonks considering some of the listings I've seen >_<|||



I really thought I'd never find any more good deals on Ojamajo items. But then this showed up on Yahoo! Japan Auctions for like... 3000 yen? 5000 yen? or something? It was some wild auction deal that I was shocked I actually won. New in the box, too. Something I did a lot was do the transformation clap-thing for this, so it's cool that all my weeb training paid off xD And it's fun to wear with the halloween costume I got for this season :D



Another wild find! Someone on eBay found this in a warehouse or something, so I got a new in box wand! Which is def good for a wand like this, the styrofoam can get kinda weird and ppl would always sell these w/o the [whatever that is in the bow]. Also the italian version, thankfully they're all the same since they only have the spell music.


Banpresto Super DX Patisserie Doremi plush
Banpresto small Royal Patraine Doremi plush
ThankYouMart pin set (I lost the Aiko/Hazuki one oof)
ThankYouMart Doremi drawstring bag
Carnival Pencil Board
ToshinPack Doremi and Onpu socks
Motto! Doremi Witch Apprentice costume
Momoko pin